Become an Excel Wizard in 1 Hour

This course will help those with a basic understanding of Excel to turbocharge their skills and become the office superhero!  It covers critical features which provide the most immediate value.  Each is clearly explained in video tutorials, which you can follow along with using the sample file.


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What's Included?

The course is packed with resources: 

Training Videos

Includes Step-by-step videos that cover the most essential skills.

Sample Files

Includes data files so you can follow along with each video.

Cheat Sheet

Includes a cheat sheet that summarizes the key skills.


Includes a certificate that you can print and share on LinkedIn.

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Cody Baldwin is a professor, data analyst, and IT manager that has led global technology programs across 3 continents and 6 countries for a Fortune 100 company.  He is passionate about data and teaching, and he gets to combine those interests.

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Move your resume up the stack!

On average, over 250 candidates apply to any given job posting.  We need every advantage we can get.  This course has been proven to help jumpstart resumes and move them up the stack.

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Other Key Benefits

The course can help you to:

Save Time

Learn skills that can save hours of time, so you can focus on important work.

Boost Earning Potential

Learn skills that can help boost your resume.  Many jobs require Excel skills.

Impress Your Boss

Learn skills that can help improve your performance and impress the boss.

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Share Your Certificate on LinkedIn

Once you complete the course, you will be issued a completion certificate that you can share on LinkedIn.  (It is important to broadcast your accomplishment!)

See what people are saying:

Over 900 5-star reviews (★★★★★).

Stephen Kendall

"Very actionable. I plan to review this fairly often. This is a great start to understanding how to get 'next level' utility out of Excel. As a support person, the knowledge I have gained will allow me to be of much more help to my users."

Nicolas Mak-Fan

"Great course - short and sweet, and to the point. Lots of step-by-step processes that are clearly and easily explained by the instructor. Highly recommended."

Lisa Dessenberger

"This was a terrific course and I learned quite a few new things. It was definitely worth purchasing! Very good instructor with a pleasant voice, who does a good job explaining each lesson."

Adam Winnett

"Very practical examples and content. This was the best use of an hour on a Sunday before my work week. I work in sales, and I can already see how to use this to focus on certain markets and customer profiles. Thank you for accelerating my reporting!"

Rayne Smith

"I think this course was amazing! I had very little (next to none) Excel experience and I have a huge interview on Tuesday for a position that exclusively uses Excel. I was nervous but now that I found this course, I feel so much more confident within myself and I know I have the tools to do the job.

TJ Diaz

"This course was great! Learnt so much in an hour. I was familiar with some of the functions, but I was finally happy to learn about pivot tables, vlookups, charts, etc. you made it so easy. Thank you and I hope you with have other classes soon."

Daniel Brown

"Excellent course! It's amazing all that I was able to learn in just one hour, so many things that I dreaded having to figure out on my own in the future. I highly recommend this course for anyone who has to use Excel at work even just occasionally. It's only one hour!"

William Bryan

"Awesome course! I have some experience with Excel, but haven't used it in a while. I am starting a new job that requires me to use Excel and, after this course, I feel refreshed and like I am going in prepared for success!"

Christine Adler

"Wow! I have taken many excel courses and never felt any the wiser. What I managed to obtain from this 1hr course is astonishing and it was fun. I've always feared excel but now wish to learn more. Thanks! You are an amazing instructor and I would definitely take other courses offered by you."

Choose how you want to pay.

You have options!  You can pay once or over three months.  It's totally up to you!  And when you pay, you are given 12 months of access to these resources.

Three Payments


a month, for 3 months

  • Training Videos
  • Sample Files
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Certificate

One Payment


pay only once

  • Training Videos
  • Sample Files
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Certificate